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Vinnitsa, Ukraine, 21000


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A cozy restaurant "April" of the hotel, in Vinnytsia, fascinating at first sight its friendly atmosphere, unique design, great kitchen and huge choice of drinks - and you can meet their own culinary aspirations and do not notice how time flies for a good conversation.

In addition, the restaurant "April", as indeed, in the entire property "Dacha", in Vinnytsia, you can enjoy free Wi-Fi.

It is said that the restaurant of the hotel "Dacha", in Vinnytsia , zoned in such a good way that it is ideal for unofficial gatherings and large events. Come alone or in the company of 250 friends - all find a place and a dish to taste.

The restaurant "April" menu provides several cuisines. Caucasian cuisine as without kebabs and grilled vegetables, of course, a great wine list and delicious dishes that are suitable for a romantic evening. And Japanese cuisine for gourmets who prefer to philosophize during the meal. All products coming into the kitchen, we select carefully, tracking their quality and eco-friendly origins.

Do not be surprised if during dinner at the restaurant "April" you will chef personally pay their respects and ask your flavor experiences and the satisfaction of service. The rules of our hotel-restaurant complex "Dacha", in Vinnytsia, always comply with (and even a little more) to your expectations. After all, nothing is so valuable - like your location, your recommendations and you, as a regular visitor. We understand that a visit to the hotel restaurant "Dacha", no matter what it is a birthday, wedding, corporate event or business dinner define the mood and emotional state of the guest is always more sublime, elevated, demanding and ultimately rewarding. We are delighted to you and are sure you will be also pleased and satisfied by visiting the restaurant "April" of the hotel-restaurant complex "Dacha", in Vinnytsia!

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The restaurant "April" of the hotel-restaurant complex "Dacha" combines in its halls several styles of interior design that allows you to create a wonderful atmosphere of connection times and the rule of fine aesthetic taste, values and forming emotional assessment of reality.

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