19A, Privokzalnaya st.
Vinnitsa, Ukraine, 21000


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Car wash:

+38 067 462 66 66



The hotel-restaurant complex «Dacha» is located in a cosy part of  Vinnytsia, 1.6 km from the railway station and 2.1 km from the Fountain. There are 24 rooms in the hotel "Dacha", a restaurant with 150 seats, terrace with 50 seats, which in winter is working as a full room, a quick car wash and sincere joy for each guest!


Vinnytsia is called recently  "small Kiev" - good for living, good for business, good for rest. In recent years Vinnytsia has been transformed, rejuvenated, refreshed and looked like a modern European city. It is nice, neat, cozy city which wonderfully combines gloss and roughness of the modern buildings with historic buildings. Our city is convenient and comfortable for citizens and guests. Vinnytsia is always full of events. It is a lively, welcoming, hospitable and generous! Come to us, our hotel "Dacha" is waiting for you!


Entering the gates of the hotel-restaurant complex "Dacha", it seems that you are in a historic German village. Building style FachWerk, sometimes called Bavaria, owes its emergence in Western Europe in the XV century. By combining its elements with HighTech, we got a special, unique combination of history and technology - a triumph of aesthetically taste!


To work in the hotel and restaurant business is not enough to be a manager or have the skills needed in the work. Each employee requires a special kind of talent and personality, you need to be an impartial, energetic, diplomatic, sensitive to the novelty, adaptable to different situations person. Part of our philosophy is to be able to work in a team and to be a leader by nature.


Business trips, family, romantic quest of beauty - any person, who turned in Vinnytsia, will be able to find a version of relaxing in the hotel-restaurant complex "Dacha". Sleep well, delicious breakfast, wash your car at the car wash ... and maybe stay for a few days!


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